My second first S(e)oul

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Two weeks…..It’s been two weeks  (almost) since I put feet on Korean soil again, but still it felt like it was my first time at Incheon Airport.  Not that everything felt foreign…I mean it did, and it probably always will in a certain way since it’s not my home town, but it felt more like unknown….like I had to rediscover everything again for my mind and soul to recognize it anew. Nevertheless I actually did expect myself to feel this way since I left Switzerland with a whole different outlook on the purpose of my stay in South Korea than the last time I came here. The farwells were a lot more painful, a lot more tears were shed and it was a lot harder to let go than the previous time. Hence with different cirrcumstances come different expectations and anticipations. So let me talk about the „second first“ impressinons I had after spending a couple of free days in this gigantic metropolis. 

How can I say, I felt both, weird and excited. The feeling of finally exiting the plane felt soothing and scary at the same time…I was glad I finally arrived in Seoul after seven months but I also just wanted to go back to my house in Switzerland where everything is familiar and comfortable, but I knew this wasn’t happening, so I also couldn’t wait to finally be roaming around those vivid streets again that I missed so much. In the meantime, while having all kinds of thoughts and overthinking everything as always, I made it through the customs and was relieved that all my luggage (which included two suitcases and a guitar) made it to Seoul safely, even after a transfer in Warsaw, and after a one hour carride from Incheon to Seoul I finally arrived at the university’s dormitory.  I won’t really get into details about the Uni’s campus and dorm in this post since I want to write another post explicitly about the university itself, so stay tuned if you want to know about Sejong University. Anyways, what I can say about my  impression after entering my room for the first time is that I didn’t like the smell and that I would have to put a lot of effort in living with other people, considering that I am NOT a people person at all….like, I really really reeeeaally enjoy being alone and living with four people in the same room is not really aproving this. But yeah, I’ll talk about this another time 😉 

Anyhow, the first week was filled with a lot of exploring, re-descovering and meeting new people since classes only started a week later. As you know now that I’m kind of loner I spent a lot of the free time I had during that week with just roaming around the streets (alone) at different places in Seoul and watching people and my surroundings. Doing this was actually quite entertaining…I was able to take pictures and to enjoy the city in a way  I hadn’t before. For the second first impression part : I really had to get used to the amount of people that live in this City. I mean, I already knew there were a lot of people in Seoul but I didn’t expect myself to be that overwhelmed by it again. There are people everywhere and at anytime, the city literally never sleeps. Eventhough I lived in Seoul for a couple months before, it still felt weird to have that many people surrounding me when I go out. 

Second thing that I had to get used to again was having K-Pop Idols‘ faces EVERYWHERE. Not that I mind, but it was so weird to see their faces at every corner again for whatever product they’re promoting or because their brithday is coming up soon. Never thought that THAT would actually be something I’d had to get used to again, but apperently it is. I mean, I listen to K-Pop and there are a few groups that I really like…so technically I should feel comfortable, especially because it’s not like it was new to me but yet it felt weird. So my second first impression of those adds was actually that it just felt awkward to be surrounded by my favorite artists ALL the time…that way that they actually feel surreal, like they are actually not real human because they are praised so much. As I’m also planning on writting a seperate post about Korea’s ways to praise their precious K-Pop Idols, I won’t get more into this either’ll just have to come back here again ;). 

Since I’m talking about the first impression I had for this time, here’s a thing…You know, Korea has a big heart for music and their music is actually a big part of their culture, hence you can almost hear music coming out of every store, restaurant, club or whatever it might be. Unlike Switzerland they are very proud of their music and mostly play K-Pop in stores rather than chart songs. (but you can still hear it from time to time…actutally more and more western music is being played by now). Since there are countless korean artists and groups out there, the music varies a lot and it’s actually like they have their own little music world. But somehow (!!!!)….somehow Seoul seems to only know two songs at the moment; Jennie’s (Blackpink) SOLO and Twice‘ Yes or Yes. Seriously…those songs are EVERYWHERE…wherever you go it’s either SOLO or Yes or Yes (pronounced in a very high-pitched voice lol ^^). When Solo was released I was still in Switzerland and I pretty much enjoyed it, but the fact that I constantly hear it kinda ruined it….and for the Twice song…yeah, it’s not really the kind of music that I listen to, so you can imagine how I feel about it being everywhere. So if you’re brave enough to give Korea’s current favorite songs a listen…DO IT ;). 

I actually like the song, but yeah…I’m kinda fed up.

Alright, now you know how I felt during the last two weeks. Meanwhile classes have started (I’m working very hard my Korean), I got to meet new people and make new friends. I am also glad to be back to where stores are open ‚till 10.00pm or even 11.00pm, because yeah…my shopping heart needs that sometimes ;). One of the best part of the last two weeks was probably the food. Yes, I do love korean food (as long as you eat actual korean food and not western food made by koreans), eventhough I already miss the salt and salty things haha, yes I love salt aswell and Korean kitchen has too less of it in my opinion. You can’t imagine how happy I was when I had the first BBQ <3. 

To wrap it up, the last two weeks were pretty intense with a lot of getting used to stuff and a new life. But it also was very intressting and a lot of fun. The highlight of it was last wednesday when I went to see one of my all time favorite bands in concert after missing them several times in Switzerland, and no, it wasn’t a K-Pop band ^^, but that day was so magical  that it deserves its very own post, because I probably could talk about it endlessly. 

Anyways, I’m doing fine here in Korea 🙂 I still have to adjust myself a little, but it has only been two weeks right? I guess you don’t have to worry about me yet since I’m still alive writting this 😉 haha just kidding. With that said I wish you all a good night. Thanks for reading my second post and taking your time for me. 

Sweet dreams! ~ Hialy

Good night everyone! 

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