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About Whaliens / Talking Music

„Even if I sleep a shrimp’s sleep, my dreams are like that of a whale’s“

 Jung Hoseok, Whalien 52

You probably wonder what the word “Whalien” means, right? Well, I’m afraid I can’t give you the right answer to that, because there is no such thing as a definition of a Whalien, I guess we all must find our own personal meaning to it. In fact, there is one very special song out there which might help you finding the word’s purpose, I even think that’s where the word has its origin, but instead of explaining you the whole song and reviewing it, I’ll let you find out by yourself and make you build your own opinion about it.

Anyway, at this point you’re probably thinking about what a weird kid I must be to write a weird post like this as my very first entry on my weird blog (I don’t really think my blog is weird but I thought it would be less boring to have the word “weird”three times in a row instead of two, you know, writing style and stuff ^^). Guess you’re right 😉. My name is Hialy, I’m 21 years old and yeah, most of the time I can identify myself as a Whalien. I was born in Madagascar and lived there for six years, then I moved to Switzerland, to St. Gallen, a town in the east of the country. That’s also where I spent most of my life, although right now I live in Seoul, South Korea, for my music studies. This is one of the main reasons why I wanted to start blogging, since everyone wanted me to keep them updated on my new life here in Korea, thought this would be a great opportunity to do so and to discover something new. Besides, I’ve always wanted to sort of blog about my everyday life and stuff, and the circumstances just gave me the perfect reason to finally do so. However, there’s an issue I still don’t really know how to figure out, what language shall write in? I mean, most of my family speaks French, my friends and people in Switzerland speak German, and then there are my friends that speak English….*sigh* ..what to do. But yeah, I thought it would be best to write the first post in English, but who knows, I might vary on the language from time to time. 

Credits to @tobiasweinhold and @christopherseinsche

So, as you might have guessed by my weird introduction and by the revelation of my studies, my biggest passion is music. Whether it be playing music, making it,producing it or just simply listening to it, I love it. What fascinates me about music is how versatile it can be with all the feelings every artist can transmit through their music and the different emotions those songs and lyrics can make me feel. I love listening to songs, analyze them and to agonize over them because it makes me think about life, love, faith, purposes and all kind of things. Yes, I do “like” overthinking about songs (about everything in life actually) that have deep lyrics, and yes, that Whalien song is one of those songs I spent a lot of time thinking about. Its name is “Whalien 52” and seven boys sing about their sorrow, their worries and their struggle of being a Whalien, but they keep swimming despite having this loneliness eating them up in the wide sea of life surrounded by superficial people. Since I already told you that I will let you explore it on your own, I won’t get any deeper and will stop right here. The last thing you probably should know about; there’s a whale species out there that sings/speaks/communicates at a low frequency of 52 Hz (which is very low), and all the other whale’s frequencies are much higher so…

„I go towards my future, that blue beach and believe in my hertz“

Jeon Jungkook, Whalien 52

And with that I’m calling it a quit. I hope I didn’t confuse you too much with that mess of a text I wrote. I just thought it would be more interesting, for the people who don’t know me yet, to create your own image of me, and for those who already do know me, to let you inside my mind a little, and let a song and the title speak for me. Since I’m not that good with words, I think this song does a pretty good job in describing my personality and the way I think, because it’s a very sorrowful song yet very hopeful. Alright, I think that’s really it for now, I hope you enjoyed it and appreciate the song just as much as I do.

“This sea is too deep, still I’m lucky, because even if I cry no one would know…I’m a Whalien”

Kim Namjoon, Whalien 52

With these means…. good night and sweet dreams!


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